Hay Providers
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CountyNamePhoneEmailHay TypeDescriptionQuantityPrice
ApplingDavid Eason912-221-8962 2019 bermuda grass hay4x5 net wrapped bales, delivery available. Call for price
BanksThomas Dalton706-658-6833 2019 fescue2019 fescue square bales. Good quality hay.  $5
BanksThomas Dalton706-658-6833 Bermuda 2019 2nd cutting Bermuda square bales. Weed free and fertilized. Horse quality.  $7
BarrowN. Harris770-867-0733 2019 coastal bermuda, some fescueSquare bales, horse quality; bale hay in barn $6/square bale
BullochWayne Pruitt912-682-4481 Russell bermudagrass2019, 4x5.5, fertilized, net-wrapped, sheltered, HQ. Delivery negotiable.300+ bales$60/bale; 10+@$55/; 20+@$50/. 2018: 40 bales avail
BullochGalen Kreider912-687-5719 Reg 2019-19 cow hay4x5 rolls, quantity discount $25/roll; $22 for 100 or more
BurkeMike Knight706-871-1636 2019 bermuda and BahiaCow hay $30 per bale
BurkeJames Martin706-558-5005 2019 Alicia bermuda4x5 rolls, net wrapped Call for price
CarrollStephen Stana770-241-3201 Bermuda and mixed hayHeavily fertilized, rain free, horse quality. Large quantity delivery available. $7/square, $50/round
CarrollLinda Leatherman770-834-8333 2019 fescue/mixed grassVery large tight 4x5 rolls. Fertilized, rain free and in barn. $45 & $40 per roll
CarrollPhil or Andy706-977-3859 2019 Tift-44 bermuda hayDry barn stored, fertilized and weed-free. Horse quality hay. 4x4 round bales, square bales. Deliv $45/round bale, $6/square
ChattoogaEllis Linn706-766-9338 2019 Fescue orchard grassHorse/cow hay. Barn stored, will load. $40 for 5x5 rolls, $35 for 4x5 rolls
CrawfordCarlin Hodges478-836-9130 2018 Coastal mix4x5 net wrapped rolls, dry in shelter $40/roll
DadeBryan Hansard423-240-2554bthansard@gmail.comFescue, fertilized, sprayed for weeds4x5 round bales with biodegradable seagrass string200$20 a bale
GilmerChris Donath706-636-5224 2019 Fescue orchard hayTop quality, sprayed, fertilized, no weeds, in barn, tight bales. $4/bale
GreeneCharles Stewart706-817-1862 Unspecified5x5 net wrapped hay, Aug, weight 950 lbs. No delivery available. $10/bale
GwinnettScott Chambers706-983-0603 2019 bermudaSquare bales, horse quality. $7 per bale
GwinnettRex Palmer770-867-9589 Bermuda/FescuePremium horse quality, fertilized, weed-free. Netwrapped 4x5 rounds. $6/square, $60/round
HabershamGrady Sutton706-499-6761 2019 Fescue hayHorse hay, 4x5 rolls, twine wrapped $40/roll
HabershamGrady Sutton706-499-6761 2019 Fescue hay4X5 rolls, twine wrapped $30 from field, $35 from barn