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PAGE 10                                  FARMERS AND CONSUMERS MARKET BULLETIN – 404-656-3722 –               WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2020

                                                                                                             Carpenter Bee Traps to catch
                                                                                    Ten  48inch   Acme   and Cool
           POULTRY/FOWL            NON-TRADITIONAL               ANIMAL             Air  poultry  house  fans:  $125 and dispose of them, shipped  AQUACULTURE AND
                                       LIVESTOCK                                    each   or   all  $100   each.   Chan in lots of 5 for $85. Everything  SUPPLIES
        Any person engaged in buying                       EQUIPMENT AND            Cabe  Carnesville  706-491- included. William  Timmerman
        live   poultry   of   any  kind   for  Advertisers selling fallow deer,  SUPPLIES  4926              Harlem 803-640-6265      Advertisers selling sterile
        resale, or in selling live poultry  axis   deer,  sika   deer,  elk,   red                                                    triploid grass carp must submit
        of any kind bought for resale,  deer,  reindeer   and  caribou              Used   poultry  house  equip-  Going out of business. About  a current Wild Animal License
        must be licensed by the GDA.  must   submit  a  current  Deer  CATTLE SUPPLIES  ment.  44  tunnel  fans,  52inch:  15 hives with super and honey.  from   the  Georgia  Department
        Possessing such a license does  Farming  License  with   the  ad.           $150   each;  56   LB   White  I40  Too old to work bees. Wallace  of Natural Resources. Ads with-
        not by itself disqualify an indi-  Farmed   deer   greater  than   12  40   cattle  panels,  25   corner  brooders,  natural  gas:   $1400  Hullender Tunnel Hill 706-581-  out this license will not be pub-
        vidual from advertising poultry  m/o are required to have a neg-  posts,   20   T-posts,   (4)  12ft  for all. Dwight Martin  Seneca,  3397  lished.  Entities  producing  and
        in the Market Bulletin. Mallard  ative Brucellosis test within 30  guard rails: $2000 for all; 2 cat-  SC 864-247-5810  March-April 3lb package bees  selling  or   reselling  domestic
        ducks must  be  at least  three  days   and  a  negative   TB   test  tle guards:  $750 each. Dewel  (gentle), $120.   5 frame nucs,  fish in Georgia are required to
        generations  from   the  wild  within   90   days   to  move   in-  Lawrence  Vienna 229-322-  MISCELLANEOUS  $185. Queens, $38. David Mc-  obtain a free Aquaculture Reg-
        before they can be advertised  trastate. Ads submitted without  4048                                 Daniel Rome 706-389-5425  istration Permit. For more infor-
        in the Market Bulletin. Advertis-  a copy of the license and nega-                                   Nucs, 5 frame deeps: $150; 8  mation   on   aquaculture  rules
        ers must include this informa-  tive sample results (if applica-  TACK AND  Only agriculture-related items  frame deep hives: $260; polli-  and  licensing  in   Georgia,   in-
        tion   in   notices   submitted  for  ble) will not be published.  For  SUPPLIES  may  be   advertised   in   this  nation and honey. Jimmy Rich  cluding a  listing  of   domestic
        publication.   Out-of-state   poul-  information about deer farming         Category.                Collins  912-426-9099   jim-  fish and other fish species re-
        try must have a negative Avian  licenses, contact the GDA Live-                                     quiring a Wild Animal License,
        Influenza test and negative pul-  stock  and  Poultry Section  at  18inch   Crosby  Miller   dres-  BEES, HONEY               visit  https://georgiawildlife.-
        lorum test within 21 days of en-  404.656.3665.   For  information  sage   saddle   with   bridle   and  AND SUPPLIES  Raw  Georgia  Tupelo   honey.  com/aquaculture  or   call
        tering Georgia. For more infor-  on other hoofed stock, exclud-  saddle pads. Like brand new:        Ludowici pickup. Online prices  770.761.3044.
        mation,  call  the  GDA  Animal  ing  llamas   and  water  buffalo,  Asking $175. C Griffis Coving-  include  shipping:   $20  per
        Protection        Division,  contact  the  Georgia  Depart-  ton 770-786-1093                        quart; $75 per gallon. M. Hen-  A-1 quality, farm-grown chan-
        404.656.4914.            ment  of Natural Resources at  2  Ritchie  horse  waterers.                 drix  Ludowici  912-294-4790  nel catfish priced by size; other
         Mixed  breed  turkey   chics,  770.761.3044.   Camelids  (llama, Never installed  or used: $150                              species   available   upon   re-
                                                                                                                                      quest.   Flynt Gilbert  Zebulon
        hatched  April  26:  $10  each.  alpaca)  must   be   individually each   or  $250   for  both.  New  Removal of bee swarms near  770-468-0725/770-567-1223
        Bruce  W.   Smith Griffin  678  identified; bison (some people sells  $360+.  Willis   Dromgoole     the ground or in buildings. Will
        -584-3562                mistakenly  call   them   buffalo) Thomaston  706-741-7183                  remove unwanted hives east of  All sizes Bass, Bluegill, Chan-
         Old  English  game   Bantams:  and  water  buffalo   must   meet                                    Atlanta.   Robert   Pruden Mon-  nel Catfish, Threadfin, Gizzard
                                                                                                             roe 770-466-9100
        two hens, two roosters: $1 for  the same requirements as cat-  Horse  training  cart  with  har-                              Shad, Shellcracker  and more.
        all. F.  Richards  College Park  tle. Antelope must be individu- ness.  E.   Hendricks Dublin  (GALLBERRY     HONEY)  Remove   swarms  for  free   or  Free delivery or pick up. Danny
        770-964-3566             ally and officially identified, and 478-676-3513   VOTED  BEST-TASTING  &   remove bees from a structure  Austin Roberta 478-836-4938
         Pigeons:  white rollers, turner  6 m/o or older are required to  Miniature  horse  grooming  FLAVOR   OF   GA   WINNER  for  a  fee.   Also,  can  buy  un-
                                 have a negative Brucellosis test
                                                                                                                                       Bass,  bluegill,  hybrid  bream,
        rollers, colored rollers & white  within 30 days and a negative  stand,   complete   with   ramps,  $52/gallon includes shipping  needed   bee  equipment.  sterile   grass  carp,   koi.   David
        homers: $20/pair. Wyatt John-                     removable sides for easy ac-  Leonard Day Macon 478-719-
        son  Midville 478-494-3240  TB test within 90 days prior to  cess,   on   wheels  for  moving  B.   Bruce Homerville  912-  5588  Cochran Ellijay 706-889-8113
                                 entering   Georgia.   PLEASE                       487-5001                 Used beekeeping equipment.
         Pullets:  Rhode  Island   Red,  NOTE:  Importation   of   any  around: $150. P. Nyetrae Can-                                  Grass  carp,   Bluegill   and
        Golden Comets and Black Sex  cervid into Georgia requires a  ton 770-366-6151                        Brood  boxes,   supers,  tops,  Threadfin shad. Delivery avail-
                                                                                    10-  and  8-frame  bee  hives: bottoms,   queen  excluders,
        link; quality birds. Brian Sturdy  special  permit   from   the  GDA        $85;   5-frame  beehives/NUCs: frames   and  other  miscella-  able @ $2.00 per mile one way.
                                                           New  oak  pony   cart,  Amish-
        Dahlonega 706-865-9201   State Veterinarian and DNR. At  built  by  Paul  Raber's  Indiana  $65.   Also   make   inner  cover, neous  supplies.   Bob  Lewis  Brain  Simmons  Hawkinsville
         Texas  A&M  quail  eggs   for  this time, cervids are not per-  shop.  Airless  tires,   never  Super,   Top  Barbee   hives, Fayetteville 770-461-4083  478-892-3144
        eating or hatching, chicks, and  mitted into the State.  hitched,  very   nice cart:  $475.  Rapid  inside  feeder.  Eliseo  Will   pick  up   swarms,  no  Koi and Goldfish for sale. All
        adult  birds   available.  Next  Honey  bees,  5  frame  nucs. Chris  Mosley   912-213-4680  Delia   Mineral  Bluff 706-492-  charge.  Will   remove   from  sizes and colors. Call for more
        hatch  is   5/8.   Thomas   Collins Call   or   email  for  pricing  and Cobbtown  5119              structures for a fee. Covering  info. Glenn Kicklighter Sander-
        Byron 478-256-3213       details. Caleb  Lachmann  Elli-                    10-8-5 frame equipment, bee- the CSRA. Justin Stitt Augusta  sville 478-232-7704
                                                           Three Western saddles: $100
         Turkey   eggs   for  hatching.  jay  each, good condition. Edward  keeping supplies, nucs, pack- 706-829-9372
        Turn daily. Billy Aycock  Sum-  Matthews Jackson  678-972-  ages,  classes, Honey,   Swarm  Will remove honey bees from  Rainbow  and  Brown  trout,
        merville 706-857-2241    406-939-1152             2585                      capture.  Harold   Lanier  Com- walls and structures for a fee.  DNR  certified.  Quality  stock-
         Young  game   chicks,  price  Mealworms  for sale: $10 for                 merce  harold@lanierbeebarn.- Will pick and remove captured  ers, hatched on our farm. Vari-
                                                                                                                                      ous sizes with delivery/pick-up
        varies. If interested, please call 5oz, buy 3, get 1 free. Average  POULTRY SUPPLIES  com 678-471-7758  swarms. Derry Oliver 706-335-  available. David Cantrell Ellijay
        Tim Gillsville 770-869-7895  length   1inch.   Available   in   all         5  frame  Nuc  hives  and  7226 Commerce          706-273-6199
         Young white ring neck dove,  stages. Call or text. Amy Smith  (4) 14 ton feed bins: $1500 a  queens.  Quality  bees,  honey.
                                 Fairmount 706-972-6504
        this  years  hatch:   $25  each.                  piece. Lewis Bros housekeep-  Certified  apiary. More   info   at  Buy direct from    FEED, HAY
        Have   5  total.   J.D.  Jackson  From our archives:    er #2: $6500. Donald Williams Mary                 AND GRAIN
        Lizellla 478-731-0135       In Jan. 1989, scientists   Gillsville 770-540-8599  Lacksen Sparta 478-456-1049  Georgia producers:
           POULTRY/FOWL             discovered that a horse’s   Home Picker Junior with mo-                  https://georgiagrown.     '19 Alicia bermuda, fertilized,
                                                                                    Bee swarm removal free from
                                                          tor de-feathering machine only
              REQUIRING           hair whorl is as unique as an  used a couple of times: $500. low  trees;  a  fee  from   struc-  com/shop/  horse  quality:   $6/square,
                                                                                                                                      $60/5x6  round  bale,  quantity
           PERMIT/LICENSE           individual’s fingerprints  Deborah  Perreira Hampton tures.   Athens   area.  Randall             discount. A. Johns Bronwood
                                                          678-283-4364              Power 706-621-0178 Colbert                        229-995-5371
        Advertisements selling wood
        ducks must be accompanied by
        a  Waterfowl  Sale  permit.  Ads
        without this permit will not be
        published.   Email  permitsR4M- or call the U.S. Fish
        and     Wildlife     Service,
        404.679.7070.   Advertisements
        selling  pen-raised  Bobwhite
        quail must be accompanied by
        a copy of the Commercial Quail
        Breeder's License. Ads without
        this   license  will   not  be   pub-
        lished.  Visit  https://georgiaw-
        passes/commercial or call the
        Georgia  DNR  Wildlife   Re-
        sources Division, 706.557.3244.
        Canada geese may not be sold.
         Bobwhite Quail mature ready
        to eat or hunt: $4.50 ea.; Quail
        hatching eggs: $6.00 per/doz.;
        Day old chicks: $0.75 ea.
        Donnie  Sullivan  Cairo  229-
          Breeders of guineas, quail,
         exotic   pheasants,  button
         quails, mandarins and wood
         ducks.   Permitted  for  quail,
         Fed-licensed  for  wood
         ducks. Pick-up only. Text or
         call Sarel Newnan 770-480-

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